Welcome to Little Eedie's Baby Girl Boutique. A collection of affordable baby girl & toddler wardrobe essentials. Our beautiful range of baby girls clothes cater for any parent who loves to keep their little baby girl or toddler up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Our adorable collection of clothing for little girls are both sourced locally in Australia and Internationally to ensure we supply the highest quality of clothing at affordable prices. 

Here at Little Eedie, we have your little one's comfort in mind when we select durable and unique items for your baby or toddler to lounge in, dress up in or go for a play at the park. Not to mention the perfect day to spend just hanging with mum and dad.

In this perfectly selected range of girls clothing collection, you will find a variety of different outfits to match any occasion. Browse through our lovely Girls Sets with a mixture of pretty floral fabrics, lace and cotton fabrics. Our sizes ranges from Newborn to Toddler and come a mixture of short sleeve rompers and baby tracksuit sets, to long sleeve sets and basic rompers for easily dressing your baby bundle with comfort. We also have some Australian Designed and Handmade Baby Girls items which you can also find here in our online baby store.

We believe that every little girl deserves to look adorable while being comfortable so we have sourced some of the most affordable baby rompers which you will also find in our Baby Girl Boutique Collection. Whatever the season, you will wont be disappointed with the variety of styles we have here at Little Eedie.

After you browse our baby girls clothes, and choose some pretty styles, we also have a collection of Hair Accessories which will be a perfect addition to complete your little girls outfit, and then you can shop online for a perfect pair of baby shoes from our Baby Girls Shoes to match. If you need some adorable baby hair clips, we have them too!

While you are searching for the perfect little wardrobe additions, be sure to have a look at our Baby Girls Dresses. We have unique styles of soft linen baby dresses, lace sleeve dresses and more..

What is the most Popular Baby & Toddler Girls Clothing Items?

The most popular styles that Little Eedie Boutique have in our Little Girls Clothes are a selection of beige baby rompers, soft blush pink baby colours and easy to dress baby onesies for Newborns. Our Oversized baby Jumpers are also a statement piece for your little girls wardrobe.

Little Eedie was created in 2013 in Australia. We are proudly Australian owned and operated. We offer international worldwide shipping and a range of safe payment options to ensure your shopping experience is effortless and enjoyable.

Shopping for your little girls clothing should be fun which is why we have created a beautiful Online Baby Store to buy girls clothes in Australia.