Welcome to Little Eedie. If you are searching for a store who has everything your baby needs, you have arrived at the right page. Here at Little Eedie, we strive to offer some of the most popular little girls shoes in one of the biggest stores of Kids Fashion in Australia. We aim for cuteness while maintaining affordability. We absolutely understand that our babies grow extremely fast and we have some exciting milestones to experience as they develop. 

One exciting milestone is your baby girls first steps. Wether they become an early walker or a late bloomer, we have all the baby girl footwear you could imagine!

Little Eedie believes that little feet should be comfortable and adorable all at the same time. That is why we have a massive range of Baby Girl Prewalker to suit any season. 

Our Baby Shoe Collection includes a versatile range including Baby Girl Boots for that secure and warm snugness right through to the Baby Girl Sandal for the coolness in the warmer weather.

What is the best shoes for babies to walk?

Little Eedie knows that your little girl needs to be as comfortable as she can while she is learning to be steady on her feet. Shoes for little girls should be the correct size, which is why we have the closest measurements we can on our product description. We also recommend starting with a softer sole like our Canvas High Tops for the softest support for little feet. All of the prewalker baby shoes here at Little Eedie have a grip sole which help to keep little ones on their feet while taking on the challenge to walk.

How does a baby start walking?

Your baby may start her walking journey after she has begun to crawl, she may begin to pull herself up on things, she may be able to stand on her own while holding on or she may do neither of these things. All of which is normal. Little Eedie offer Cute Baby Shoes to help your baby girl stay steady on her feet. This is why its important to have the perfect fit of baby shoe for walking.

Where can I buy trendy baby shoes for girls?

You can buy all of trendy baby shoes right here at Little Eedie. Get the Best for Less and choose multiple styles to suit your little girls wardrobe. Here is a list of what type of shoes we offer here in our Online Baby Boutique Australia.

Baby Boots for Girls 

Baby Sandals for Girls

Baby Shoes with Grip 

Plus many more styles. Browse through our Baby Shoes for Little Girls to find the perfect style and fit for your special baby girl.