Moonlight the Swan Princess

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Want to know a secret? Moonlight the swan princess is no ordinary princess. She was once a swan!

One Summers night she was out looking for fish when she came across a magical waterfall. Swimming through it she soon noticed her feathers glowing in her reflection on the water.. there was an explosion of sparkles (of course) and suddenly she turned into a beautiful little girl with pink hair!

A kind old queen from a castle nearby took her in and adopted her as her own daughter.

Moonlight still visits her swan friends on the lake every day but the magical waterfall disappeared and has never been found again!

Designed to add love and magic to your little ones bedrooms, this print is available in numerous sizes from A4, A3 & A2.

Printed with archival ink on matte and packaged with care, you will love it’s stunning quality.

Please note colours may vary slightly to those on screen