Corona Virus - Effects on small business globally. 



We will have some delays with our orders, and have placed a disclaimer on our website to keep our customers informed. 

We believe in transparency and will always be open and honest about our shipping times, and our delays so that our customers can make informed decisions when placing an order with us. 


The reason for this disclaimer is to keep our customers informed about possible delays and to take this information into consideration when placing an order. While there is a current pandemic in place, this may effect the times in which your order will be delivered.  


One of the main delays we have encountered is in the manufacturing and transit times. Manufacturing have been impacted worldwide in all sectors, not just clothing.


This situation has seen multiple ports and transit operations close or have multiple delays, which has also affected our system in updating tracking numbers and delaying parcels in transit at depots.


Currently, we have resumed manufacturing to a reduced capacity and our warehouse and fulfilment centre is getting back to normal however we do appreciate that this can take time. We are working closely with our international manufacturing team and local support to ensure we can do what we can to reduce current delays. 


While we are still feeling impacts of the Covid19, we are doing everything within our control to ensure we keep you informed via our Shipping Information located on our website.


This situation has been 100% out of our control and we understand that it has caused an inconvenience for our customers. We promise, we are also feeling the inconvenience.


 We do apologise for this issue and we are working hard to ensure that our Shipping Information stays up to date with any changes which can impact your order.


Your patience is greatly appreciated in this circumstance.


Kind Regards

Little Eedie Team.